I am finally recovered from the cold. No serious coughing anymore but there are a lot of phlegm still. Thank you, Clau, I am better now.


I was waiting for the elevator this morning and the caretaker of the building (an old gentleman) told me "You are the most elegant lady that I've seen in this building!". Wow..that's such a great compliment and I didn't know how to react and kept saying "thank you"! Well, that's such a great start of the day. I went to sleep too late last night and my eyes were puffy but there is still someone who thinks I am elegant!


Work today was okay, I am very lack of doing my translation work. I am so sick of translating stuffs, honestly. However, this is my job and I MUST do it for living. My colleague called me (internal call) and had a chat with me. She had been suffering from a great pressure from the "boss". We all experienced the same but what we can do is gathering helpful people to assist each other  in order to survive! Let's hope the "boss" won't find us troubles today at the meeting!




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