I've been so lazy updating my blog but I guess there are many lazy asses worse than I am (Claudia, that's you!).
There is nothing much happening in the past except that I was busy at work for a while and then all of a sudden, I was bored to dead!
Went to the Tadao Ando's speech last Saturday (2007/6/9) but I had been busy assisting the community planner workshops all day long before Ando's speech began at 6pm. I was ashamed that I fell asleep in the middle of speech!  But couldn't blame me for that since the arena's sound feedback was really bad and I could barely hear what the translator was talking about. The end result was me dozed off in the middle of speech!
Anyway, Ando did a good speech though I'd expect him talking a bit more about his work in relevant to the living environment.
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