Time is always flying and there were so much happening since after the Chinese New Year.
The basketball game competition  - we lost but were proud of our effort. The unbeatable team (though very weak) decided to stumble along and began our practice for the next year game!
The election - needless to say. The war cry of changes, won through the election. I guess nobody wanted to stay behind in this fast-paced world. No more time can be wasted for dumb people.
The exams!! - I can't beleive that I am now a typical civil servant, trying to pass the national exams and burying my head under pile of paper works. Will I ever change my career oreintation?
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  • Connie
  • Hehe....my career orientation has never changed and hope will not change for some certain period of time.
  • Fred
  • Hi Connie,


    looks like u r heading a busy life!

    Working hard to pass the National Exams?? Well, wish u good luck!

    So , what was ur career orientation?