I am a newbie to this so-called MSN spaces! Saw many of others' spaces but never got one for myself. One reason is that I am lazy and the other is that I am damn busy with work (so what are you doing now Connie??).
This "space" is fun because I thought it's that little realm that you can talk to yourself. I hope I won't turn into a psycho!
I can't belive that I've been back to Taiwan for 3 months already. Still surviving and hanging there. To my surprise, I didn't rebel against the crazy and "inhuman" life in Taiwan! I did this all for Michael, and honey, I think you be very grateful!
Work is good and people are nice here. We always try to have a bit of fun at work or even steal a moment to brew nice coffee. I hope my coffee maker can stand for the high demend of my coffee admirers!
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