Arrrggghhhh....Mum's phone call woke me up at 6am this morning!!!!! I went to bed really late last night and she called me at 6am in the morning for something unimportant! Was in a really bad mood because I am so tired!!
Now everyone is getting me to share the flat with them butI decided not to live with anyone else except Michael! Why? Because I don't want to take care of babies anymore!!!! I'd rather travel a long way to work from Hsin Chu! Can't those spoilt kids grow up? Can't they just leave me alone for God's sake! I had enough troubles to take care with and I don't want to shoulder other people's burden.
One reason I don't want to rent in Taipei is that I don't want to spend extra $ on it. Poor Michael and I have such a great debt to pay off for our home loan and I don't want to waste the money I earned. So, "babies", stay away from me!

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