I couldn't sleep tight last night becoz I was pondering one sigificant proposal over and over again. Anyway, I had came to an conclusion and will go for what i wanted to do. i know I would regret if i don't do it but I cannot "publish" this secret online until a certain date!:P
Well, I know what I am doing will cause a great impluse on someone close and hope I am doing right.
Got some other things in mind...anyway...
Heard that is a typhoon but the weather seems so fine! I hope I don't have to work tomorrow due to typhoon so I can have Friday off back to Kaohsiung. Anyhow, I am still going to visit Grandpa and Dad. It's the father's day and got presents for them both. Hope they will love what I got for them.
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  • Claudia
  • ok! what are u doing to me? why you sending secret love e-mails to my husband?? :P be content with Michael! hahahaha