I am so frustrated with the booking of my flight to SF. I even decided to book the most expensive ticket of the year but no seat is available!!! How ridiculous! There must be some travel agencies manipulating the ticketing system...anyway, will have to wait until this Thursday and know whether they are mercy enough to give me one ticket!
Well really hope I can make it there on time! Clau, here I come!!!:P
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  • Claudia
  • Hang in there!! i am sure you will get a ticket eventually......so touched that you are going through this for me! *muah*
  • Midnight _Snack
  • Oh, yeah travel agencies are suckie. In fact the whole airport business is stupid. I mean, how many rules do you need! All that customs and weight and such and such somtimes gets to me. Oh well, at least you get it on thursday.
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