I have been so busy lately after taking over some others' work. However, I am happy to share my colleagues' work since they gave me a lot of support while I need them. This presentation is so important and if we do well next week, we could get a good credit which might turns into a good annual bonus at the end of this year!:)
However we had this team leader getting us troubles...actually she was not targeting at us but the manager. She pissed off the manager a lots and kept on challenging and confronting with the manager during the meeting.
Anyway, forget about the tension between these two women (yes, women!!). My colleagues and I went to the Japanese restaurant for lunch to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. A girl in the office even wrote me a very sweet card. I can't describe how much I love my job because of them!:) We had a great time though so much to be done before next week.
Well, still at work and time to go home soon!
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