It's already 18th and I just had a wonderful and funny birthday. Mike and I went to Taipei this afternoon. While I was exercising in gym, he bought a beautiful bunch of roses, a small birthday cake and booked our dinner at a 5-star hotel! When he handed the flowers to me, he said "well, roses are in perfect condition this time!". I couldn't stop laughing and I guess some people might know what I was laughing about.
Before we had our dinner, we strolled along the shopping corridors and Mike bought a very nice pair of earrings for me. I guess I will need to get my ears pierced soon in order to wear those beautiful earrings!
We had Italian for dinner and the food was exquisite, however the dessert was only "okay". Even though, Mike still had a lot of Haagen-Dazs icecream. After the dinner, I thought  my 2 hour exercise was definitely not enough to compensate the food I ate! So we decided to take a walk in Taipei 101.
After ah hour of walking around, we were both tired and decided to head back to Hsin Chu. Mike wanted to light the candles and eat the birthday cake before 12 midnight so we were home just before 12. When he opened the box and discovered the cream on the cake was melted and the cake was out of shape. We couldn't even tell what it was like! I couldn't stop laughing because my goofy fiance got me a funny birthday cake! Well, I warned him while we were in the restaurant but he kept saying it would be fine. Hahaha...the cake looked so funny but we still lit the candle and made my wishes just before 12!
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  • Claudia
  • Hey! happy birthday again! u looked great in that dress~ oh...and the birthday cake looks really 'yummy'............ehhh.............looks like 'lau sai' hahahaha! i guess it's the thought that counts! glad the roses are in shape this year...i guess something just have to be out of shape every year on your birthday eh?! ;)