I felt so fat these days because Michael kept on indulging me with exquisite Japanese food! We went to Taipei 101 on Tuesday night and had dinner at Wasabi Japanese restaurant. The reason we went there because I was given 2 discount vouchers on my birthday after having diinner at 晶華酒店. They are those "buy one and get one free" vouchers and have time restriction. The expired date is this coming Friday and considering we are heading to Hua-Lien for trip this Friday, he decided to come up and use up the voucher. Since we've never been to Wasabhi, I didn't mind going.
However we were there quite late after my gym exercise and the restaurant was closing at 10pm. We were in such a hurry to finish therefore we both ate a lots. I felt so guilty afterwards but the food was really good!:P
I don't have time to exercise this week because of heavy workloads. There are so many things to be done and many meetings to attend this week. I ended up with very lacking sleep and almost dozed off just a minute ago!
Hope the trip to Hualien won't be too tiring!

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  • Claudia
  • btw...stop saying you are fat lah!
  • Claudia
  • Man~~ looks like you are LIVING LIFE over there! good food, holidays, new house and now even Mike's mum is afraid of you...dude! i envy you!