After the stressful conference last week, I decided to join my colleagues for the hot spring trip. Michael and I drove up to Yang-Ming Mountain in the late afternoon and it took us a bloody 4 hours to reach our destination. Blame on the stupid traffic jam on the express way (which is not express!) and our carelessness for missing out the street and drove into the wrong direction. Finally we got there and it was already 10pm! We were too tired to drive back after the hot spring so we decided to stay over at the hut that my colleagues generously shared with us. They let Michael and I have the master bedroom!


The hot spring is right within the wooden house and it’s huge enough to contain 3-4 people. While everyone was gone to bed, Michael and I finally could dip into that hot spring and relax our bodies. The bed was so soft and we felt asleep immediately.


The next day we woke up for a hearty breakfast. Because we would be heading a different direction back, we then said goodbye to my colleagues. Before we drove back to the town, Michael and I went to 擎天崗 and bushwalk up to the top. I heard there were cows there but we saw none! There were sooooooooo many people there and we even had to queue up at the narrow track. No wonder there was no cow in sight coz they might be scared off by such large number of people.  Sigh, speaking of which I really miss home in Ozland!


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  • HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's karen... remember me? haha... yeah...
    Anyway! I just dropped by to tell you that:
    Yup, by Friday morning I will have graduated!
    Please come visit me in Australia when you come back for visits!!!!

    love, .k