I had a very tiring week spent with Michael’s parents. Well, it’s good to know that his mother is not again me any more however it’s such a pian for me to “pretend” obedient . The good thing was that my “pretending” had won her heart and she took me to Burberry shopping! She got me trying a lot of clothes and intended to pay for me. I didn’t want to because they were too expensive, then she suggested that she paid half for me to make me feel “better”. HOWEVER,  I have to say that half of the total price is equivalent to my one month salary! I refused to buy but I knew she might be upset so I took out my card with my shaking hands….*swipe*, the card went through and one month salary was gone! L  Michael said he would pay for me but it’s okay since I liked this pretty trench coat, pants and sweater. Can’t believe I finally got the trench coat (believe it or not, it’s about $67900 NT!!) that I dreamed for long time but I had never ever spent that much of money at once for clothing. It’s not my style! Well, I must ask for a pay raise after the conference next month. Speaking of the conference, the fear is creeping up to my spinal cord, I could envisage the upcoming chaos because there are many things not yet sorted out. Not because of our team but the stupid Europeans! They claimed they are “professional and expereienced people” but to me they are just some greedy dummies who are just unprofessional and unexpereienced. If they are experienced people, they should have submitted their papers on time! And they were paid with $400 USD for a merely 30 minute presentation.  One day I hope I can be one of those “professionals” and get the money back frok them! Ha!

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  • justin
  • quick! quick! Show us the COAT!!!!!
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  • Hmm...it looks like Michael's mum is getting to treat you like a family now oh.....Congradultations!!