Don't know what's got my boss and she was bitching around at everybody! There were meetings starting in the morning and another one followed after lunch (actually no time for lunch!). It was tiring enough and our bitchy boss still wanted to call for the group meeting. It wasn't a meeting but a "trouble-making" time! For no reason, she starts accusing on me, May May, Cha-chi and Chain who were spending the most time at hardwork! The one who never worked and never helped was perfectly away from her troubles and I wonder what's in her brain? Shit?? She is such a paranoid person and definitly a spastic!  She probably spent more than 30 mins commenting on our work (in a bad bad manner) and the way she shouted at us proved that she is such an uncivilised person.  Everyone felt sorry for her because she had such a failure that everyone showed no respect to her and not to metnion to befriend with her. Her life is miserable and I can see her future as a lonely old woman with no one approaching her!
After the stressful day of endless meetings and boss's unkind words, I found I am lucky to have colleagues and friends standing on my side cheering me up. It wasn't that bad afterwards though I felt so tired after handling difficult people like my boss. My little sister had the same dull day just like mine, on a brighter note, we always had someone there to share our sadness.
Well, there are still heaps to do and it's already 12:30 midnight!!!! Tomorrow is another day.....fight fight fight!
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  • Claudia
  • Why are our boss like this? Damn! ADD OIL!! see if you can get rid of her! hahahaha
    My problem with my boss is kinda resolved by me bitching to an HR person and she went up to the HR manager and told her that I mentioned 'quit'. Got a good talk with the HR manager and my boss got talked to! she is doing the work as she should be but still not very efficient. anyways...good start right?
    Maybe you should talk to HR (if you have one).....