Clau, we don't have a HR here as my boss is simply the highest commander here and no one can talk to her!!! You are lucky to have your problems solved. To me, I will just have to learn being patient and having my ears shut-up when my boss bitches around.  A ramour was said that she might be sacked because our BIG boss (from the government) wasn't in a good position now.This BIG boss was the one who sent our useless boss here. I really hope we can have a new boss with more professional experience and better EQ! Pray for me and my colleagues! We had been suffering for too long!
So you decided not to quit now? I never thought of quitting but I definitely expect to have someone better in leading this Institute. Yesterday I met a lady when I first came back to Taiwan for interview years ago, she is still the same decent, polite , kind and professional person I saw many years ago. She is also now a Deputy Manager of a big construction company in Taiwan and I had a nice chat with her after the seminar. I really hope we can have a manger like her and I believe with someone like her, the teams will be able to work more closely to each other and achieve a better goal. 
Ok, no more business talk, it kinda makes me sick now. Are you goig to meet Sandy in Vegas this week?

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  • Claudia
  • Yeah! i am so looking forward to meet her in Vegas but next week though....that will be a good brake for me! Away from work~~Can't wait!

    I never say that i decided not to quit...once again..i am waiting...for something to happen....maybe my manager will resign...lets hope! hehehe...she is under so much stress now that i think she is not coping well....oh well...if things don't get better and she is still as stupid as she is...then i might talk about quitting in a month! this quitting thing keeps poping's as frequent as once a month now...damn~~

    ps. why are we talking here instead of emailing?! hahahahahah...MY BAD!!