Well, I will just tell you why we left messages on the MSN blog rather than emailing each other, Claudia. Because this the only way to get you to lift your lazy hands and write to me!!! Hahaha...however I have to warn you that what's communicated between us will be viewed by the public so you'd better keep this away from your boss!
That's very "good" of you to being able to find your boss some troubles. Maybe less than a month of time, your boss will quit!!  Why can't she cope with the work? Is she stupid or what?
There is no way for me doing the same to my boss because we don't have any HR manager who had the equivalent power as my boss. Well, all we can do is pray and hope our boss is in good mood everyday. Perhaps we should introduce a guy to occupy her mind, then she won't have time to bitch at us.
Tomorrow will be the last day of work then I will head back to my grandparents' place for the Chinese New Year.  My flight back to Ozland will be on 30th and am so looking forwards to it!! Miss my lovely home, my comfy bed,  swimming pool, the hearty Aussie food and of course my folks!

澳豬王國 Ozland

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  • Perhaps I can help you finding a guy for your Boss.... I'll let you know if I have found one ;-))

    Greetings from the Netherlands!!