Today is last day of my holiday in Australia. It is just an ordinary day at home. I woke up in the morning and went to the gym for 1 hour of body balance class. At the end of the class, we had a 5 min meditation and everyone was lying down to the floor. It was so comfortable that I could even feel the gental breeze that such sensation was impossible to be experienced in Taiwan! I couldn't describe how much I love home in Australia!
After the exercise, I went home and mum had the lunch ready. A hearty light meal that made me feel "skinny"! :D Mum and I then went to the shopping centre to do the last minute shopping and I also had my ears pierced!!! I finally took my courage to have my ears pierced and it's a strange feelig having two holes punched!
I the took mum to Pig & Whistle Cafe for coffee and I ordered a "Deviled Chocolate Mud cake" to share. I felt guilty having such a yummy mud cake where you can only find in Australia! A friend of mine wanted to have her weddng cake made as a mud cake base in USA but no one there had ever heard of such yummy cake! So I guess this is what the proud Australian owned!
After the afternoon tea, I know that it will be the next year when I can take mum out for coffee and afternoon tea again.  My younger sister had beed busy for work and she never took mum out for coffee or shopping after I left Australia. I really hope that I can spend more time at home with mum and dad, not just shopping or coffee but a walk in our backyard after dinner with mum and dad can be so much fun!
I will come back for sure! Hope I can convice Michael working and living in Australia one day!
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