Four cars, 17 people plus a dog, we all woke up in the early morning and were eager to begin our trip that was planned months ago.
I would have to say how much fun I had with my colleagues (well, they are not just colleagues but FRIENDS) during these two days. It wasn't a big break though we were very excited about getting away from the cities and breathing in the fresh air from the mountainside. As it was a long weekend, traffic jam was expected and inevitable but it still drove us really crazy. We forgot how long it took us to get to our desitnation. The farm was full of people. The sheeps in the farm were probably less than the visitors on that day.
We concluded the day by feeding our hungry stomaches with tables of exotic food and checked in the B & B to start our games. The game was simple but the person who lost had to accept the "cruel punishment" - pandy with a stick! The game turned to to be a crazy one and the punishment evolved (or elevated?) into a hilarious "pain in the ass". haha  Our laughter caused some complaints but it was really difficult to keep our voic down. 
The night ended and we finished all the waffles, chips and 4 bottle of wine.
The 2nd day, a beautiful morning and the weather was nice. We all sat by the verandah and enjoy our breakfast. Off we went, we drove deeper and higher into the mountin top. There was traffic jam again but we didn't want to give up so after a few hours of low speed driving, we were there! The scenary on the mountain top was beautiful and I finally realised an old Chinese saying that "In the high-autumn, one must climb high and watch far beyond". The poets wanted to express their despair towards the current state. The autumn represents the circumstance but at the mountain top, they found a trace spring green, which represents hope. That was quite amazing and I felt it.
Forget about the tiring feet, altitude illness and sunburnt faces, we had a fab time. The way home again we had to go through the long way traffic jam. Didn't know how many hours we drove (poor Michael) but I had to say, the trip wasn't wasted!:)
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