Last week a collague invited me to attend a music concert by Philip Glass. He is quite well-known for his movie music theme. I was so excited that my colleague invited me and together we went to the concern on 4/16. To my surprise, the concert wasn't the classical music that I'd expected but something of new age! Honestly, I preferred classical but this concert had opened up a new experience for me. The electronic piano's repeat beats created some sort of "noise" but if one closes eyes, you could hear the oboe and flute playing beautiful melody! The beautiful vocal was also created a great note to the whole performance.
At last, I still wished I could watch/hear Phillip Glass playing solo! I believe his piano solo will be a great one but I guess next time!
Next performance list~~~Mikhail Pletnev & Russian National Orchestra, perhaps the London Symphony?
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  • Sandy
  • That sounds great!!! There's always so much happening in Taiwan eh!! especially concerts from all the big name musical talents~  although Miss Saigon's coming to brisbane soon... that's at least a bit of consolation! haha~