A few more days later, I will be Down-under and home! It has been a long time since I had been home last year and this time I will be home based on a "business trip"! In another word, I won't have to pay a penny for my flight and other expenses!  Besides that, I will be travelling with the Mayor! Wow~
Before our visit to Brissy, I was working like crazy for the Mayor's presentation proposal and then the speech script. Our Deputy Commissioner was such a strict supervisor who had been requesting me working overtime in the past few weeks. Well, he was quite nice to me but sometimes I really couldn't stand for his "ambitious" and pressing mood. Anyway, I am looking things on the bright side and hope I can make some remarkable credit out of this "business" and the mostly importantly, be home happily providing with a long long break!
Can't wait to be home!
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