I can't beleive that I still stick to my drawing plan and continue to develop my long-lost skill.
Last term was the very first time I decided to step out and join the community drawing class. Our teacher is a very young professor from National Taichung University. I was very timid first time in the class as I hadn't been doing any drawing/sketching since after high school! Many people in the class had been with the teacher for a long time therefore I believed they must be more skillful than I was.
Anyway, there I started my sketching again and I just realised how much I LOVE it. I was hoping that I could develop a certain level of skill rather than just creating some superficial items. Yes! It's my dream to have my own exhibitions and become a true artist! However, I guess I have a long long way to run.
This is the 2nd term and I decided to start with crayon drawing which I had never practiced before. It was really fun, like making a oil painting, which I think requires similar techniques in colour application. Recently I am so fascinated with drawing peony. Either in a vase or a sole figure, the peony is a elegant type of flower, exquisite, rich and seductive! I hope I could come up with some good productions later in the class!
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