The travel and living channel was introducing the most famous burgers in America. Since it's Michael's favourite food, I thnk I would record some details down so next time we visit America, we could give them a try!
1. The Spot Veggie Burgers:  It was told that the veggie burgers in The Spot taste really healthy and just like meat! I think Michael wouldn't mind going "vegetarian"! :)
2. Ted's World Famous Steamed Cheeseburger : It is located at where Michael studied for his postgraduate in Connecticut. The steam cheese burgers look really healthy! Though the first impression of everyone was "could it taste good in steam?" The answer seems to be positive!
3. New York City Pop burger: It is famous becaose even a lot of stars are asking for take-away or catering! They have the "mini" burger in pop art concept. It's a fusion of night club, restaurant and billiard room. Sounds cool~
So far I only remember three~haha
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