I was watching Discovery - the travel and living channel. This show, Super Home,  is introducing those real estate properties worth of billions in the world. Today's theme is about the high tech properties in Sydney, London, New York and Hong Kong. Honestly, the combination of "residential" property and high tech isn't all that well. Particularly this one in Hong Kong designed and owned by an HK architect, who (typically) drives a Posche and wears black tight shirt (yuck!) is the worst architectural design I'd ever seen in my life. I may not be a "professional" architect but as a planner, I think I do have some good sense of aesthetic standards. I cannot help to criticise it! The interior has nothing but blank walls where this so-called architect can project animated wallpapers onto the walls. He can even voice-command the computer to show and project the desktop on the wall! Wow~~How amazing~~hahaha..I would only say this is a waste and serious humiliation on technology!
Anyway, I saw nothing in his design, he simply sqeezed every hi-tech products into his flat. The TV screen can even follow his voice and rotate! Hahaha....I guess he can even play seek-and-hide with the TV screen! And guess what? His girlfriend doesn't even like the idea of project their photos on the walls!! hahaha..I think he might want a break-up soon and replace s robot girlfriend who will heavily depends on those hi-tech products and surely loves his digital world!
 Come on! Can someone show me a good interior design sample in HK? I cannot be convinced at all! Ever since my visit to HK, I really don't think their architecture can surprise me. But I know a lot of people who admire the skyline and buildings in HK must disgree with what I say here.
Prove it!!
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