Last night I was walking back to my small studio flat after a long and tiring day at work. Suddenly, a woman riding a motobike fell out in front of me! It was a humid night though not raining, the road was still slippy. Anyway, the woman hit the ground quite heavily and people who saw the incident were shocked but in an instance, people surrounding her started to gather and help her and her motorbike up. Of course I went and helped too. The point is that I was so amazed seeing people in Taipei are so friendly and kind. They gathered quickly to help a stranger up and who said people in Taipei are cold and unfriendly? I totally disagreed because I saw a group of lovely and friendly people who are making this City safe and amiable to live and enjoy! I guess this is what the world city "London" cannot compare with, though I had never been to London but I often heard people there are so unfriendly and care nothing for stranger. We should be proud of who we are~~Taipei slickers~~

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